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Get all the practical information you need when living in Copenhagen:

Expat in Denmark
The Expat in Denmark INFOCENTRE aims at providing expats with exhaustive and thorough information on all aspects of working and living in Denmark, from taxes to amusement parks.

Copenhagen Career Program for Spouses
A program for accompanying spouses living in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Community
GET INVOLVED IN CULTURE AND LEISURE ACTIVITIES – Let’s guide you to an active life Culture and leisure activities are created for, with and by Copenhageners. They bring the local citizens together and contribute to making Copenhagen a wonderful place to live. At the International House they offer free Culture & Leisure Guidance. Further information: http://ihcph.kk.dk/artikel/let-us-guide-you-active-life-0

Danish on a Sunday
Danish film hits - with English subtitles Twice a month - on Sundays – the Cinematheque in Gothersgade will screen a Danish classic or a highly acclaimed new production with English subtitles. The films themselves are presented in English and Danish below, where you can also book tickets (70/45 DKR). Danish also means Danish pastry! Before each screening, they have a special offer of a coffee with Danish pastry (or a piece of cake) at Restaurant SULT. It costs only 40 DKR extra.

Denmark in General
A few points on Denmark in general, numbers, statistics, practical stuff

Dental Care
The Dental Care System in Denmark

De-stress & recharge on SkodsborgRuten
SkodsborgRuten (the Skodsborg Track) is a 6.6 kilometres theme track through the beautiful, ever-changing, nature in Jægersborg Hegn and Dyrehaven, the two nature reserves which are literally the backyard of Skodsborg Kurhotel & Spa.

Medical care and acute phone numbers

Driving in Denmark - Converting Driver's License
How to make sure that your driver's license is applicable and legal when driving a vehicle in Denmark.

Driving in Denmark - General Rules
Formalities, seat belts, speed limits, toll roads, traffic regulations etc.

When you settle in Denmark

International House Copenhagen
International House can help you settle in, whether you are here to work, study, or be with your partner. Here you will find all the services you need under one roof. Feel welcome to stop by if you need help with your paperwork, finding a job, if you want to participate in one of our many New to Denmark events, or you are simply curious about where to find the nearest tennis club.

Public Transport in Denmark
This document is about public transport in Denmark

Save Money - Shop Tax Free
If you are living outside the EU, you are entitled to a refund of the Danish VAT on goods purchased in Denmark.

Setting up a business in Copenhagen - Links to downloads
Setting up a business in Copenhagen - link to downloads of fact sheets in English from Copenhagen Capacity. F.ex. Business Entities - a step by step guide and other useful information.

Setting up a Business in Copenhagen?
Copenhagen Capacity is the official inward investment agency of the Capital Region of Denmark. Our mission is to advise and to assist foreign companies, considering setting up or expanding in Copenhagen - the best place in the World to conduct business!

Starting your own Business
How to start your own business with practical links to relevant authorities.

Tax in Denmark
General rules on taxation in Denmark. Please be aware that the attached 2005-version is the one valid also in 2009.