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2000 Frederiksberg

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The Revy Museum exhibits 150 years of entertainment history and the humorous version of the history of the Danes through some of Danish theatre’s greatest comedians and actors and the theatres they have made a mark on. The ”Revy” is a long-standing tradition and shows are still today being staged at various venues in cities throughout Denmark. Through a series of short sketches, laced with music and chorus girls, the performers will review the most noted events of the year - political and cultural issues or the ever-interesting activities of famous public figures, such as our gracious Queen, the Prime Minister or anyone else caught in the public eye - with a humorous perspective and the occasional caustic remark. The main museum exhibition tells the story of ”Revy” in its Danish historical context, through photographs, posters, video, recordings, costumes and personal effects of famous ”Revy”-artists. In 2017 a temporary themed exhibition put the spotlight on cross-dressing on the stage: when men play women, and women play men.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11-16

Admission: Adults DKK 50, Seniors and students DKK 40, Children under 18 free