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Young, rising star choreographer guests Dansehallerne!

11/5/2014 - 11/6/2014

Young, rising star choreographer guests Dansehallerne! 4 x Jan Martens (BE) 5. - 6th of November 2014 / Thousand Threads 17 In the beginning of November Dansehallerne presents the young, exciting Belgian dancer and choreographer Jan Martens, who is already an international name and it is a scoop that Jan Martens now can be experienced in Copenhagen. Jan Martens is also joined by two distinctive and renowned choreographers; the 63-year-old female choreographer and dancer Truus Bronkhorst and choreographer Mark Vanrunxt who Jan Martens has a close relationship with. With 4 x Jan Martens Dansehallerne initiates the season's first Thousand Threads show. Thousand Threads is the unique concept of Dansehallerne with shows that contains experimental and innovative performances from home and abroad. 4 different works of love, creativity and expectations The first evening's performance is in company with the 63-year-old female dancer and choreographer Truus Bronkhorst who will show the solo BIS - a modest, but appalling self-portrait that is about to start again, continue to fight and not give up! It is a work with a strong, expressive, but also lonely woman. The same evening two dancers are on stage and they tell the story SWEAT BABY SWEAT which is about the all-consuming love between two people who can not - or will not - let the other go. And the audience will experience a modern mating ritual: naive, sensual, sensitive, however, and as painful and at the same time soothing and confrontational. The following night starts out with ODE TO THE ATTEMPT, a new solo that Martens created for himself. It is a feather light and humorous deconstruction of the creative process. When creating an artwork – whether it is a painting, a performance or whatever other medium – the artist goes through different stages. These stages become overwritten, because they are ‘inadequate’, it are layers that have become invisible in the final stage of the work. ODE TO THE ATTEMPT wants to give these stages that never saw daylight or would reach an audience a second life. Because maybe the imperfect has another quality, that can be as valuable as the final product. The other work that evening, SHE WAS A VISITOR is taut in form, with a changing emotional charge. Three talented and highly individual artists unite in creating a piece that aims to express the individuality and uniqueness of the three makers rather than compromising and placing elements side by side haphazardly. And because these three artists cannot (and do not want to) work in any other way than a personal one, it is their own stories of desire, expectation and disappointment that are reflected in the dance they create. ABOUT JAN MARTENS Jan Martens (Belgium °1984) studied at the Fontys dance academy in Tilburg and graduated at the Artesis Conservatory for Dance in Antwerp in 2006.All Jan’s works explore the possibility of a perfect balance and symbiosis between storytelling and conceptualism. He is not trying to create a new movement language, but instead he molds and recycles existing idioms and places them in a different setting, so a new idea emerges. In his work the beauty of the incomplete human being stands up front, rather than to excel in choreographic complexity or physical virtuosity. About Thousand Threads During the season, Bush Hartshorn, Artistic Director of Dansehallerne, selects a range of experimental, innovative works from home and abroad to be shown as part of the concept Thousand Threads. The idea of Thousand Threads is a term for particularly good quality in woven material. Threads of different, short works are woven together into one programme, while a few thick threads – voluminous works – stand alone. The programme also includes Silver Threads with artists above 50 years. The Thousand Threads concept seeks to challenge and broaden the idea of what contemporary dance and choreography are. Experience Thousand Threads. Be inspired, challenged and entertained. Performance Info 4 x Jan Martens Thousand Threads 17 5 to 6th of November 2014 / 8 pm Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej 20, 1799 KBH V / www.dansehallerne.dk Performance Program: 5th of Nov. / BIS and Sweat Baby Sweat 6th of Nov./ Ode to The Attempt and She was a visitor Tickets: www.teaterbilletter.dk NB. All four performances can experience for a special price (170 kr. Incl. Fee). Contact billet@dansehallerne.dk for ordering the type of ticket.