• Swan - national bird of DenmarkSwan - national bird of Denmark
  • View by the Lakes - CopenhagenView by the Lakes - Copenhagen
  • The Black Diamond/Royal Library - Uffe PaulsenThe Black Diamond/Royal Library - Uffe Paulsen
  • Windmills in Øresund, Copenhagen - Lan AnhWindmills in Øresund, Copenhagen - Lan Anh

For your smartphone

The Copenhagen Book is also available from your Iphone, Android-phone or any other smartphone surfing websites.

From any smartphone navigate to www.thecopenhagenbook.dk and everything will be nicely lined up to fit the smaller screen and let you navigate the endless possibilities of the Copenhagen Book on the road.

With a few easy steps you can also add the Copenhagen Book directly to your home screen for extra easy access:

1. Navigate to www.thecopenhagenbook.dk in Safari
2. Press the "+" button
3. Click "Add to Home Screen"

1. Navigate to www.thecopenhagenbook.dk in the browser
2. Click the "menu"-button then "Add bookmark" finally click "Done"
4. Click the "menu"-button again then choose "Bookmarks"
5. Press and hold on the newly created "CPH Book"
6. Choose "Add shortcut to Home"