Rosenvængets Alle 7A

2100 Kbh Ø

Phone: +45 31221911

This Christmas is finally looking as bright as one could have dreamed of. With the reopening of the renowed butcher shop *Gourmandiet* in the beautiful side street Rosenvængets Allé in Østerbro, a local go-to destination for high quality meat and those special cuts that we all have tradition for cooking during the holiday season, is once again secured.

"Gourmandiet has been around for more than 15 years and all my life I have been a regular myself, shopping for high quality steaks for the weekend and freshly minced meat for the tuesday bolognaise; I am thrilled to have had the chance to continue the tradition of a local delicatessen og butcher shop in my childhood neighbourhood".

The retail space on Rosenvængets Allé 7A is in itself a must-see shop. The shop dates back to the 1900, and the walls are decorated with hand-painted stories from farm to steak. In 2015 the shop was discovered by Wall Street Journal and made it the Top 5 butcher Shop in world worth visiting.


Finding your trusted - and local - food store, might be exactly the game changer you were looking for in your every day food shopping. And close to a lifesaving scenario when you have set out to host a home party.

Gourmandiet is the hybrid between a tradition butcher shop selling raw meat and a delicatessen/food shop, who supports you with expert advice on quantity and quality and generously shares cooking tips. Gourmandiet also offers a growing assortment of garniture, for the costumers to complete their meal. Beef stock, chicken stock, gravy homemade pickles, homemade ketchup, freshly cut salmon and italien ham.

The team behind the newly reopened shop share a background as chefs and that has change the shop slightly.

"The difference between a butcher and a chef is that a butcher will ask you how may kilogram of meat you want and a chef will ask you how many people you are looking to serve".

Gourmandiet is as much an everyday destination when cooking for yourself as it is a place to place your order for a special cut or a bigger roast for festive occations.

"All is possible if we have a few days of time to order the meat. We also complete the cooking in the shop for many of our costumers, making sure that the roast has the perfect cooking time to be tender and juicy.".



Rosenvængets Allé is located at the heart of Østerbro. It is a smaller cobblestone paved street, that vibrates history and coziness at the same time. Honestly if you are from the neigbourhood you often find yourself cutting the corner and choosing this street over the main Nordre Frihavsgade or even Østerbrogade. Numerous smaller shops have emerged in this almost romantic sidestreet and for more than 15 years now Gourmandiet has been one of them.

It must have been a match made in heaven when the former owners were looking for a location because the shop in Rosenvænget Allé 7A was at that time a wine bar; but while restoring the mainroom a large wall painting covering the entire upper part of the walls, was discoved. The painting tell the story of the butcher and of how the meat travels from farm to shop. Today those paintings still frame the shop, now once again reopened as a butcher and delicatessen shop.


The reopening of Gourmandiet happens right in the busiest time of the year when it comes to roast and delicatessen for the holidays.

"We have so many wonderful costumers with specials requests to support their family tradition. It is an amazing time of the year".

The danes primarily eat crispy pork roast and duck for christmas. So that is a main focus. But a lot of orders have also come in for german pork and american turkey.

The team behind the newly reopened Gourmandiet in Østerbro has a career long background in the hospitality, having owned several restaurants and premium delicatessen shops before.

"We have been schooled in the french tradition always adding herbs and adjusted seasoning to our cooking. At Gourmandiet, we have set out to cook like we used to do in the restaurant. Only the last mill is now up to you, in your private kitchen".

Part of the assortment also includes gastrik, sauce, stock and soup. Everything is cooking in the shop and you are welcomed to input your specific wishes for more products to add.