The history about Søllerød Kro is more than 340 years old.

It all began in 1677 when the local vicar got the permission to open an inn for his parishioners as well as for people passing through. Today the idyllic surroundings are unchanged, the village pond in front, the woods behind, the castle on one side, and the church on the other side of Søllerød Kro.

But inside Søllerød Kro has kept up with the times, and you are in for an extraordinary experience.

The Chef is Brian Mark Hansen. The kitchen creates a fusion of French and Nordic food and on top of that they have added the entire world. They always use the best ingredients and aim to be honest in everything they do. They have been rewarded with one star in the prestigious Michelin Guide for 11 years in a row and several other awards.

Søllerød Kro is not only about the fantastic food but guarantees the guests a complete experience with wine, service and surroundings. To ensure this Søllerød Kro has the best host you will ever come across: Jan Restorff, general manager and sommelier at Søllerød Kro since 1999. The symbiosis of Jan Restorff´s expertise and feel for the guests and chef Brian Mark Hansen’s culinary skills makes a visit to Søllerød Kro very special and memorable.

Søllerød Kro is often booked out weeks in advance and also hosts weddings, birthdays, wine tastings, company events and much more. “Because we offer so much, we have a wide range of guests. Our neighbors come here on a regular basis, we welcome food bloggers from all over the world and families from throughout the country” Brian Mark Hansen says.

Søllerød Kro is many things: it is a one-star Michelin restaurant, the place with the world’s best ingredients, and a place with a spectacular location. But first and foremost it is one of a kind – and that is one of the main reasons why the 340-year-old inn is still one of the most highly recognized restaurants in Denmark.