THE DANISH JEWISH MUSEUM - a cultural-historical treasure

The Danish Jewish Museum, founded in 2004, is located in the historical library garden and surrounded by cultural institutions, attractions and exhibition sites that together constitute Castle Island. The museum has received great reviews both nationally as well as internationally.


The world-famous architect Daniel Libeskind designed the museum and he chose to design the museum as the Hebrew word Mitzvah, which means a good deed. The word refers to the good deed that the Danish people did during the Nazi-German persecution in Denmark by saving 99% of the Danish Jews. As a guest, you are walking around in the good deed.

An insight into a minority

Our exhibition will provide you an insight into a minority that has lived in Denmark for over 400 years. The displayed objects varies from practical everyday life objects to traditionally religiously founded items. The common denominator is that it is a part of a larger narrative and broader presentation of Jewish life in Denmark. The museum focuses on questions about co-existence and identity through 400 years– two questions that remain relevant even today.

During the summer months from June to August at 2 PM, we offer an exciting free guided tour from one of our talented staff members.

We hope that you will visit us!  

Proviantpassagen 6, 1218 Copenhagen,


Credit: Josefine Amalie

Credit: Josefine Amalie

Credit: Bitter+Bredt DJM