Den Røde Cottage

With great ambitions and sharp precision, Simon Lerche took over the beautifully situated gourmet restaurant The Red Cottage in Klampenborg just North of Copenhagen in the winter of 2018.

Surrounded by Dyrehaven, on the edge of Øresund, the young chef and restaurateur has gathered a dedicated team around the restaurant. And the goal is clear. The tradition of great dining experiences in an intimate and welcoming setting at the Red Cottage is to be continued and gradually taken to new heights.

The road to this is a delicate reflection of the shifting seasons in the kitchen, focusing on classical cookery, tasty food and the best seasonal ingredients. Completed with a dedicated, friendly and unpretentious service from the moment you step into this cozy little restaurant.

The menu changes every month. In this way, the food experience always reflects the season's ingredients. The year round the kitchen staff picks, dries, pickles and salts to let nature's local treasures be part of the dishes.

At The Red Cottage there is a choice between a 3, 5 or 7 course menu, followed by a carefully composed wine menu or wine from the well-composed wine list, which sommelier and restaurant manager Morten Magh is responsible for. The Red Cottage also offers a non-alcoholic juicer menu. All juice is made in the restaurant and is carefully tuned to this month’s menu.

The story of the Red Cottage originates from Klampenborg Baths. The large-scale spa bath, which was built in the area in 1846. After the German model one of the great architects Gottlieb Bindesbøll designed the big venue. Including several small boutiques, spas, swimming pools, concert hall and main building.

Most of the spa bath was demolished in 1937. But the Red Cottage has been preserved and has been conserved since 1978. For many years, the beautiful building was a forest ranger house. But since 1996 it has laid out a cozy setting for restaurants. Most recently gourmet restaurant The Red Cottage, which had a star in Guide Michelin until the change of ownership in 2018, and is now continued under Simon Lerche's management and ownership.

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