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Emma Sivell aka Sivellink https:// is an English born graphic
designer working on a year long design project entitled
"An icon a day" which comprises of daily graphic
Copenhagen based illustrations. These icons are
Emma's online sketchbook, and a "springboard" for
limited edition Copenhagen posters and cards.
Available from webshop -
Living in Copenhagen for the past 10 years has given
Emma a love of this unique, and unquestionably
beautiful city, she now calls home.
An icon a day focus' on Copenhagen's skyline, buildings,
designers, and also the small details such as a street
lamp, or the decorated green boards around the Metro
builds. Emma's love of architecture stems from her
childhood as her father was an architect and growing
up she was constantly doodling on the corner of a vast
drawing board that was central to their lives, always
occupying most of the dining room table. Only the
location and the technology have changed….She's still
drawing at her dining room table.
A mix of design choice and Emma's natural graphic
style make the illustrations colour rich and simple. Her
Facebook blog followers see her icons/images
predominately on their phones, so the designs have to
be attractive and stand out on a small scale.
The blog is an event calendar too. Illustrating
exhibitions and events in and around Copenhagen.