Attractions & Museums

The lively, friendly and charming Copenha- gen offers plenty to see and do – all from historic royal sites, to stunning modern design and architecture, hidden parks and even an underground museum. Denmark's capital is a fascinating city full of contrast and surprise.

Copenhagen is one large attraction in itself, as many of the cobblestone streets and rows of old Danish houses are much like they have been for centuries. Along with this, there are also beautiful modern attrac- tions, that create an amazing combination of a both modern and historical feel.

More than 60 museums all tell their own unique story about the land, the city and the Danish people. Every story is worth learning, so if you would like it, there is a special ticket which allows you to see as many as possible in one, two or three days. Some museums also have special days when no admission is charged.

Amalienborg, the royal castle to which the royal family sometimes resides, is a popular tourist sight and it is wonderful to see the changing of the guard at the Palace Square that takes place every day at noon. You can tell if they are in residence when a swallowtail flag flies on the mast, if they aren't in her North Zealand summer home, Fredensborg Palace.

A walk along colourful and picturesque Nyhavn Canal dating from 1673, when it was built to connect the inner city to the sea, re- veals the best of historic Copenhagen with old but well-preserved architecture and wooden boats showcasing the city's mari- time history. The famous fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen lived in no. 20, from 1834-38, where he wrote his first sto- ries.

Within Denmark’s capital exists another world called Christiania. It’s a small area within the city that proclaimed its independ- ence from the state in 1971, and an intrigu- ing place to visit and experience, dominated largely by a freethinking 'hippie' culture. Visi- tors can enjoy the neighbourhood's peace- ful green environment and its magical com- bination of village and metropolitan life.

In Copenhagen you are never far from the water and great architecture. Water, space and light are the key elements of the recent architectural boom in Copenhagen. If you take a stroll on the waterfront you will see the monumental architectural sights; the Black Diamond royal library, the Royal Danish Playhouse and finally the wonder- ful bicycle bridges at Nyhavn and Christian- shavn that connect all parts of the city in a new and modern way.

Photo Credit: Tuala Hjamø