Dental Care in Denmark

In Denmark, there is free dental care for everyone under the age of 18. Above the age of 18, the cost is partially subsidised, depending on your age. The bill you are given by your dentist will already have this deducted. It is possible to take out separate dental insurance (tandforsikring). 

The treatment and services have set prices and you can see the costs on the dentist’s website or asking at reception. You can also check out the the Sundhed website to find out how much your treatment is likely to cost.

You need to make an appointment in advance and make sure you bring your yellow health card (sundhedskort).

For children, you will get an automatic appointment to your Eboks for your child when the dentist check up is due. They will allocate a dentist for you, but you can also chose another one.

For emergency dental care:

If you have had a minor tooth damage or emergency tooth pain you can call the out-of-hours dental services.

Tandlægevagten - 7025 0041 


Remember to always bring your health card!