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Hardly anyone, has been to Bornholm without being enchanted by its charm. You don't have to spend hours on an airplane to enjoy a holiday on an exotic beach, travel long distances to find excellent climbing rocks, or find yourself in the middle of no- where where you can quietly contemplate nature, listen to the sound of the waves and enjoy nature.

Recommendable and most visited at- tractions are wide beach in Dueodde, with white, fine sand, a quarry in Vang for climb- ing enthusiasts, Jons Kapel, Hammeren pla- teau, Almindingen forest with bison pen or Christiansoe, only one hour sailing with ferry from Gudhjem.

Bornholm is also a paradise for the ac- tive, as there are excellent conditions for cycling, with about 250km of cycling routes along and around the island. Horse riding lovers will also have fun – both experienced ones and beginners. And of course there are the water activities – from kayaking to surf- ing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, fishing and sailing.

Bornholmers are proud of their history and culture, traces of which we can find eve- rywhere. They cultivate historical places and preserved objects (the most important are the medieval Hammershus castle, rotunda

churches – fortresses and half-timbered houses), and pass on the skills of traditional craftsmanship, such as smoking herring, from generation to generation. These ex- tremely valuable skills delight tourists, the more so that the inhabitants of the island are eager to share their knowledge and art with interested visitors.

Bornholm offers tourists great cuisine – especially the famous "Sun over Gudhjem" – smoked herring with yolk, slices of thick rye bread and radish. Danes can do miracles with herring, but the islanders are truly mas- ters of this matter.

The people of Bornholm want to be a sus- tainable, climate-friendly island community by 2035. They call it Bright Green Island. For the island to have a future for both residents and visitors, it is important for residents to have a sustainable and sustainable way of being an island community, involving Born- holmers, businesses and infrastructure. The energy self-sufficiency that the world is striv- ing for today is Bornholm closest to the goal, because it will happen any day. All that Born- holm has to offer is achievable within a few hours, without tiring journeys and hours of waiting at the airports.

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Photo Credit: Visit Bornholm