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To be eligible for a VAT refund, you must fulfill three conditions:
1. The price of the goods must be at least DKK 300,-
2. The goods must be transported to a location outside the EU before the end of the third month after the month of purchase.
3. You must bring the goods when departing from Denmark or send them to a country outside the EU.

How to receive a VAT refund
If you want a VAT refund, you must arrange this with the shop in question.
Please note that shops are not obliged to assist you in obtaining a VAT refund.

The three easy steps
1. Ask for a Tax Free form when you go shopping.
2. When leaving the EU have your Tax Free form export validated/customs stamped in order to claim your refund. Please note: No stamp – no refund!
3. Receive your refund in cash or have it transferred to your credit card account.