Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store

Since 1911, Royal Copenhagen’s Flagship Store has been located at Amagertorv 6 – one of Copenhagen’s oldest and most beautiful Renaissance buildings.

It was built in 1616 for Matthias Hansen, a member of the city council who was Mayor of Copenhagen from 1622 until his death in 1628. He is also thought to have been the father of Kirsten Madsdatter, one of Christian IV’s mistresses.

It is one of the few buildings in the old medieval city to have survived not only the British fleet’s bombardment of Copenhagen under Lord Nelson’s command in 1807 but also the great fires that ravaged Copenhagen in 1728 and 1795. 

Formerly the Royal Porcelain Factory, Royal Copenhagen originally based its production on Købmagergade in 1775, just a few hundred metres from Amagertorv. In 1884 production moved to Frederiksberg while the business was relocated to Amagertorv 10. A little later, in 1911, the business moved to its current home, Amagertorv 6.

Royal Copenhagen – a passion for blue since 1775

The Danish porcelain brand, Royal Copenhagen, was founded in 1775, under the patronage of Queen Juliane Marie. For more than 245 years Royal Copenhagen porcelain has been brought to life with rare skills and meticulous craftsmanship. Every piece of porcelain is hand painted with delicate, individual brushstrokes. Be­cause Royal Copenhagen’s roots trace back to the Royal Family, the brand and its porcelain collections have be­come a national treasure and strong part of Dan­ish culture.

Royal Copenhagen’s also makes Flora Danica, one of the world’s most prestigious and luxurious porcelain collections dating to 1790 and the golden era of porcelain. Today the service is still considered the flower of Danish craftsmanship and a distinguished specimen of Danish design. Each item molded, cast, gilded and painted by hand before finally signed by the painter, just as it was 230 years ago.

The Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store, centered in the heart of Copenhagen, is more than just a shop with beautiful porcelain. Opened in 1911, the store itself is a living museum that showcases Royal Copenhagen’s craftsmanship and enduring respect for tradition, while also illustrating how the company has spearheaded Nordic design and craftsmanship since the beginning. Visiting the Flagship Store is a unique experience which illustrates Royal Copenhagen’s heritage, respecting its traditions, quality and high standards while also displaying modern design.

The Flagship Store offers tax-free shopping and international delivery.

Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store

Amagertorv 6, 1160 København K

+45 33 13 71 81