COPENHAGEN – Easy going cultural metropolis of the North

Get a bike and take a ride across town. See historic landmarks like Rosenborg Castle or visit the boroughs and get a feeling of the different local atmospheres. Follow the bike lanes along the inner harbor and pause for a swim in a harbor bath.

Whether you are a tourist or an expat, who might be here to stay, an excellent way to explore Copenhagen in the summer is on two wheels. The city has a manageable size that allows you to ride smoothly from one end of town to the other in an hour or so. If you like to walk, it will of course take a bit longer, but you still be able to get across town.

A day’s trip on bike or foot will give you a sense of what Copenhagen is about. Once the capital in a seafaring nation with a bus- tling harbor filled with merchant ships and industry. Now a cultural metropolis by the sea with a harbor, which houses the Royal opera, the Royal theater, art museums,

modern architecture, Michelin restaurants, food markets, harbor baths and pop-up cul- tural events.

This transformation tells a story about how a culture and a rich leisure life has be- come the guiding star in the development of Copenhagen and city planning.

Today, Copenhagen is known for its liva- bility. An active life is part of most Copenha- geners the everyday life, whether they take the bike to work, an afternoon swim in har- bor or hang out at the basket court. If you are an expat, getting involved with volunteer work at the local sports club or cultural asso- ciation, is an excellent way to meet Copen- hageners and make new friendships.

If you go for cutting edge in the realm of culture, Copenhagen also has a lot to offer. Pick an evening with The Danish Symphony Orchestra, a dinner at world best restau- rant, Noma, or visit Copenhagen Contempo- rary to see new international art.

For a night out you might like to go the old Meat Packing district which is filled with arts galleries, restaurants and bars. Or visit the boroughs to see the small designer or specialty shops and hangout with the youth- ful at Vesterbro or Nørrebro.

It is no coincidence that Copenhagen for years has been ranked as one the best cities in world for quality of life. With culture and a rich leisure life is the city’s guide, Copenha- gen today is the easygoing cultural metrop- olis of the North. Welcome.

Mayor of Culture and Leisure, Mia Nyegaard