LOUISIANA                                       Museum of Modern Art

International exhibition venue, prime example of Scandavian modernist architecture, bustling house of culture, peaceful haven… Often hailed as “the most beautiful museum in the world” Louisiana is a favourite spot for visitors from around the world and of all ages. Here you find a combination of world class art, nature and architecture that is truly unique.

Unlike most of the large museums of this world Louisiana is not situated in the city centre, next to the theatre or the opera. It is the destination of an excursion.

When you have arrived, you move through one gallery after the other, and if you keep going, you will finally have described a complete, architectural circle, around the museum’s wonderful, old park facing the coast of North Zealand. You will have had many glimpses of the park along the way, for this interplay between art and nature, is a principle at Louisiana.

Open till 22:00 on weekdays, Louisiana is more than a museum. It is also a dynamic framework for concerts, lectures, conferences and encounters with artists.

The permanent exhibition

The collection includes significant chapters in 20th century art history and, with its special emphasis on certain artists, offers great insight into the period. The art of Alberto Giacometti is one of the museum’s distinct fields of force as is the art of Alexander Calder whose sculptures have almost become a symbol of Louisiana, and Henry Moore who has contributed unmistakeably to the character of the park with its view of the Sound. Not to mention Picasso, Dubuffet, Warhol, Rauschenberg, Klein and many others.

The temporary exhibitions

Louisiana offers a rich and internationally acclaimed exhibition programme, taking both a fresh look at 20th-century classics as well as new developments in contemporary art.

The interaction of the arts plays an important role at Louisiana, and major exhibitions are regularly devoted to design, photography and architecture.

A museum for all ages

For children the great attraction is the Louisiana Children’s Wing with its adjacent Lake Garden and a wealth of activities. There is also something for the palate and for those who want to bring home a souvenir of their visit: The Louisiana Café has one of the most beautiful views in Denmark, and on its menu you can find everything from light refreshments to a complete cuisine, while the Louisiana Shop offers posters, prints, art books and designer products.