Photo Credit: Daniel Rasmussen


Over the last decade, Copenhagen has gone from quaint to cool. The city is bursting with hip attractions, from up-and-coming neigh- borhoods by the water to browsing the cool design in the city's smartest boutiques, gal- leries and bars.

Copenhagen has attractions and sights to suit every interest. With a history that dates back to 1043, the city is full of historic landmarks and noteworthy buildings. The contemporary constructions blend in beau- tifully with older buildings and palaces.

Over the past 15 years the harbor that bisects the city has been transformed from an industrial zone into cooler quarters, and it hosts a variety of outdoor activities in the summer. A cultural and residential hub with water so clean you can swim in it, making the Harbor Bath a favorite meeting place for locals – especially in the summer.

If you prefer a swim in the sea you can cy- cle to the artificial beach at Amager Strand- park or to one of the numerous sandy beaches that line the coast from north to south. There are also beautiful parks, swan- filled lakes and more than 100 public play-

grounds spread out in and around Copen- hagen.

In the capital practically everybody rides their bike from A to B, and Copenhagen has been awarded the world's first Bike City by the International Cycling Union. You’ll see more bikes than cars in the city centre, so if the thought of experiencing a capital city on two wheels scares you, Copenhagen will soon change your mind.

Copenhagen is well-known for its colour- ful districts all worth a visit, as each of them has a unique atmosphere with small bou- tiques and funky little cafes. Check out Nør- rebro, Østerbro, Vesterbro, Christianshavn and inner city.

There's plenty of culture too – also for people who don’t grasp our fiendishly compli- cated language. Numerous festivals, outdoor ballets and concerts, museums, royal castles, jazz and much more all year round. Copen- hagen is a wonderfully compact city with an efficient public transportation system. This is why, even if time is short, you can quite easily get a feel of the place and see most of the city and its many sights and attractions.

Photo Credit: Daniel Rasmussen