Photo Credit: Annemette Kuhlmann

Rungstedlund, the charming and historic home of the Dinesen family where Karen Blixen was born in 1885 and died in 1962. Today a museum and an authentic author home.  

The museum invites guests to visit Karen Blixen’s original rooms, which, with their special atmosphere and decorative furnishings, fire the imagination. The creativity of Karen Blixen is present throughout the museum - in the fresh flower decorations, her paintings and the interior design. A visit at Rungstedlund inspire for a deeper understanding of Karen Blixen’s life, philosophy and works.  


Photo Credit: Kurt Rodahl Hoppe

Nature and Bird Sanctuary 

Even Karen Blixen’s great passion for nature and biodiversity is very much present at Rungstedlund with free access the park is always open for guests to experience and enjoy.  

The 15-hectare Bird Sanctuary was established in 1958 by Karen Blixen and the beautiful grounds, attracts researchers and nature lovers from home and abroad. Numerous nesting boxes and the rich biodiversity has ensured Rungstedlund as a favored breeding ground for many birds. At the foot of a prehistoric burial mound and beneath a more than 300-year-old imposing beech tree lies the grave of Karen Blixen.  

Photo Credit: Rungstedlundfonden

Literature and culture 

In addition to the museum’s permanent collections, Rungstedlund presents a rich program of events and is a meeting place for those interested in culture and literature. All year round, writers, artists, researchers, and politicians are invited to talks and lectures related to essential topics - often related to Karen Blixen’s legacy. 

Getting there 

The Karen Blixen Museum is easy to access by train to Rungsted Kyst Station and invites you to take the short walk from the station to the museum via the Bird Sanctuary. Free parking for visitors by car. Estimate approximately half an hour by train or car. Cycling is of course also an option along the beautiful coastal road “Strandvejen and you can bring the cycle into the train going back. 


Café and shop 

Spoil yourself in the cozy café “Madam Carlsen” named after Karen Blixen’s faithful housekeeper, Caroline Carlsen. Enjoy fresh, local and tasty homemade food all day as well as a selection of wine, coffee, tea and cake. 

The Museum shop offers a variety of books, art and unique handicrafts.