I am specialised in counselling of international expatriates, highly qualified professionals, diplomats, academia, university students, IB, MYP students and international schools and have more than 20 + years of experience in the field of counselling psychology.

In 2015 I started my private counselling clinic in Moscow for international clients and have had more than 200+ clients from 30 different nationalities, 19 dual nationalities, and 3000+ individual and group sessions.

Since 2019 the clinic is both online and face-to-face based in Denmark 

Speciality Areas:

Expatriation and repatriation counselling, transition therapy, trailing spouse.

Third Cultural Kid, TCK, trauma and crisis intervention, debriefing and supervision, anxiety disorders, time management and perfectionism, substance abuse, generalised mental health disorders, mild/moderate depression, loneliness, stress and burnout, alienation, parenting, domestic abuse, couple counselling, career counselling, and life coaching.


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