Discover the deep
Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark is the largest in Northern Europe. The famous architecture is inspired by a
whirlpool, drawing you into a fascinating and mysterious world below the surface where a spectacular visit awaits. Sound and images are combined and used to introduce the atmosphere of being submerged under water.

Visit another world
Among the many 53 amazing aquariums and habitats the 4,1 million litre Ocean Tank is the jewel of the crown. It offers a unique
view into a tropical ocean. Steel grey hammerhead sharks patrol the coral reef, swimming side by side with elegant stingrays and the mysterious moray eels. Experience the animals through the large 8
x 16 meter panorama window or from the 16 meter long tunnel or be fascinated by the reef myriad of beautiful and colorful fish.

A sea of exciting stories by the ocean
Den Blå Planet has endless stories to tell. Come and hear them every half an hour.
Go outside to the actual ocean and see the cute and playful sea otters Agnes and Mojoe from Alaska being fed and playing with their food and ice cubes in their brand new enclosure.

Nordic gourmet
Fresh fish also inhabit the menu in the eatery Øst, serving wholesome Nordic gourmet food. Those are some of the elements that make up the unique experience of the new National Aquarium

Hik the Hammerhead
Hammerhead Hik is the world’s coolest shark and loves to entertain children. Hik likes to be part of the children’s theatre where he can show off all his super ideas. Hik loves to be in photos and is great at
giving hammer hugs and hammer-high fives.

Getting there
The aquarium is located ideally for tourists – 15 minutes from Copenhagen centre and easy to reach by private and public transport. The distance to Kastrup Metro station is only 600 meter, Copenhagen airport is only one Metro stop away, and Kastrup Harbour and the Öresund bridge
to Sweden are very close.

Den Blå Planet is open 365 days a year.
See the daily program at
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The architecture at Den Blå Planet is inspired by a whirlpool comprising new five "arms" that reach out across the globe – from the steep bird cliffs of the Faroe Islands to the beautiful coral reefs of the world’s oceans. The five “arms” give the guests the opportunity to choose their own way throughout the aquarium.

The cute sea otters Agnes and Mojoe are always playful and up for a show off while swimming around, playing with toys or eating ice cubes.

Experience the Ocean Tank, which is the biggest aquarium at Den Blå Planet, The National Aquarium, where hammerhead sharks swim together with rays and moray eels in four millions liters azure seawater.

Take a walk through the fascinating ocean tunnel and experience stingrays, hammerhead sharks, barracudas and thousands of other fishes swimming above your head and under your feet.

Experience the hammerhead shark Hik, when the children theatre is shown every day from 11.00-11.30 am. Learn more about sharks’ seven senses and all the other talents that the speaking hammerhead shark Hik has. Please note that the show is in Danish