Photo Credit: Laura Stamer: Det Kgl. Bibliotek

Historical treasury

filled with culture

The Black Diamond is a spectacular addi- tion to the Royal Danish Library that of- fers both cultural experiences and history. Here you can experience a varied concert program, go for exciting talks and debates with international writers and thinkers or you can explore current exhibitions.

The Black Diamond is much more than a handful of reading rooms, where students immerse themselves for hours. The library is a unique cultural venue. It houses histori- cal collections that give insight into Euro- pean cultural traditions back to ancient times – experience, among other things, Marina Abramovi's Exhibition Abramovi' Method for Treasures which includes some of the library's greatest treasures.

The Black Diamond, consecrated in 1999, is in itself worth a visit. It has a shape as a rhombus and has a 2500 m2 black granite façade. Inside the building, there is a fascinating painting in the ceiling made by Per Kirkeby, and the atrium in the mid- dle of the house is illuminated by the day- light.

If you need a break from the modern architecture, the current exhibitions or the

historical reading room, you can enjoy the view of the water from the library with a cup of coffee in the cafe, a delicious meal in the restaurant or visit the store with the unique items.

Photo Credit: Laura Stamer: Det Kgl. Bibliotek