GPwineshop & Winebar

In the center of Copenhagen, on the slightly dark and quiet street Kattesundet, 100 meters from chain cafes and multi-bars, you will find GPwineshop & wine bar.

A real niche place for wine lovers looking for a good story. The wine bar is owned by Groth & Persson, a Danish and Swedish friend couple with a great passion for wine. Dennis Bach Groth himself is the author of the book "The Baron and the Half Castle" - about his 10 years in Italy, where he worked in vineyards and gained a unique knowledge of Italian wine. It was a journey (Grand Tour) from 2009 to 2019, through a thousand experiences from South to Northern Italy, and this is reflected in the wine bar.

Groth & Persson imports their own wines, many of which actually come from producers for whom Dennis has worked. In addition to wine you can also eat delicious appetizers in the form of cheeses, cured meats and hams.

Interested in more information? The Baron and the Half Wine Castle is a book that is basically about being driven by a strong, underlying longing. A curiosity to discover what else life has to offer other than what is right in front of us.

The book is an autofiction that takes us through Dennis's journey from being a young Dane escaping the predictable life he was destined to live and through a 10-year journey of formation to Italy. A journey that not only shapes him, but recreates him, so that he can ultimately allow himself to return home to Denmark again. Like a new man.

Resistance is an important part of any development, and in the book Dennis actively uses it rather than fearing or avoiding it. What at first seems like a leisurely journey soon turns out to be carefully guided by life principles and little rituals that guide you down a winding path into an unpredictable adventure. 

From his notebook

"Life is a big wheel that turns and turns without stopping,

and each time it returns to its starting point, is born

a new revolutionary generation, convinced to be it

first to oppose the system. This youthful

naivety, which sometimes leads to nonsense, has also hit me. Fortunately." 

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Opening hours:

Sunday-Monday-Tuesday: Open only by reservation for larger groups Wednesday 14-20,

Thursday 14-23:00 Friday-Saturday 14:00-24:00