Bjørnekælderen first opened its doors on April 21, 1895. Prior to its opening, a bear tamer lived in the basement with his bears. He enjoyed taking them for a walk in Frederiksberg Garden to the horror of the citizens of Frederiksberg. Hence, the name “Bjørnekælderen” which translates to the “bear basement”.  

Most people know of the restaurant that has been part of Frederiksberg for decades. In fact, after his performances, actor, Dirch Passer liked to get his drink at the place – if only walls could talk. In the earlier days, the cozy cellar housed wine shops, beer halls and even a shoemaker. 

Bjørnekælderen today

 When Mads Dalsborg and Ole Gravlund Svendsen bought the beautiful basement in May 2021, they gave it a much-needed loving hand. Everything has been renovated and updated. However, all the old panels that carrythe soul and history of the restaurant are of course fully retained. Oak herringbone parquet has been laid, the ceiling has been lowered and acoustic panels have been installed. All the tables are handmade by Mads' uncle. The chairs are Wegner's Y-chairs, which you can easily get comfortable in as you indulge in the food.  

The food

The food is honest and full of flavor. It draws inspiration from the French cuisine but with Nordic ingredients and an Asian touch. On the menu, you will find everything from foie gras with dill to a dessert with nuts and caviar – it's classic but with an unexpected twist.

Mads personally describes his food as naked. All the unnecessary has been disregarded, so that only the essentials of the dish remain on the plate. However, your taste buds still get challenged and stimulated with umami and depth in the dishes.