Kokkeriet is all four seasons. It’s sprouting and succulent dishes in spring, light and elegant dishes in summer, longing and melancholic tastes by autumn and comfortable, warming dishes in the winter. It’s love, understanding and respect for the Danish gastronomy and heritage. With a sparkle in the eye, curiosity, stubbornness and a sincere intention to serve sublime Danish food reconstructed in the very best way.

Something we, by the way, are proud to have been awarded a star for in the Michelin Guide.

Our chef de cuisine – Morten Krogholm focuses on both innovation and simplicity blended with complexity and a great love for the classic Danish dishes.

Morten comes with experience from restaurants like noma, Herman in Nimb and Søllerød Kro, just to name a few.

My personal mission and baseline is highlighting and respecting the individual ingredients, and to then make them enter into new and higher levels of harmony. Familiar flavors in an unfamiliar context. High gastronomy in free interpretation – the way we ourselves convey it”.

– Morten Krogholm, Executive Chef

Kokkeriet is a discreet secret, well hidden in Nyboder’s charming neighbourhood in one of Copenhagen’s beautiful, old buildings.

Located on the corner of two of the more quiet streets, the large glass fronts to both sides of the restaurant give you a feel of the surrounding local area, adds a mellow flow of light, while the intimate atmosphere that puts the total experience and the food on the plate into focus, is still preserved and enhanced. The glass fronts also make it possible to follow the chefs’ work throughout the day, while they prepare the menu for the evening.

Inside Kokkeriet

Morten Krogholm - Head Chef