A colour-saturated art break in the midst of beautiful nature and fantastic architecture. Explore the colourful and imaginative works of J.F. Willumsen, Join us in the creative workshop, enjoy a cold drink in the café - or bring it along for a stroll in the park.

The location of the museum on the slopes down to the fjord at Frederikssund is not accidental, but was a requirement from Willumsen, whose relatives once owned land in this particular area.

The oldest part of Willumsen’s Museum was designed by architect Tyge Hvass and was inaugurated in 1957, while Theo Bjerg designed the considerable extension that was added in 2005. The site of the museum was carefully selected: Willumsen himself demanded that it be located on a slope towards the Frederikssund Fjord, where his relatives once owned land.

Willumsen was as a young man already regarded as a controversial and pioneering figure in Danish art. He held this position for most of his artistic career, which lasted more than 70 years. His artistic work includes paintings, sculpture, ceramics, graphics, photography and architecture. Throughout his long life he was passionately occupied by artistic questions. He expressed himself in all the media of the visual arts that were available to him, and he continually made new demands of his work. Although Willumsen worked in many artistic media, painting was his preferred art form. He painted all his life, and his paintings constitute by far the greater part of his production. Their thematic and formal range from period to period reflects the very different problems he worked on within this medium.

A considerable part of his life was spent outside Denmark. At home he felt stigmatised and abroad that he did not receive the recognition he deserved. The truth was, however, that J.F. Willumsen was an artist who attracted much attention. For many years his works at The Free Exhibition were awaited with excitement, people were almost disappointed if the effect was not sufficiently surprising and challenging.

Willumsen ceramics and The Green Girl in the background

Kids guided tour

Great tapas in the museum café