Torekov - a picturesque history

Torekov Hotell lies on the western slope of the Bjäre peninsula, where beautiful beech forests, ancient stone enclosures and bird-rich heaths meet the coastal meadows’ grazing land and long-horned cattle.

There was a settlement next to harbour in Torekov in the 13th century. There was also a small market where trading was carried out between the population of Bjäre and the ships’ crews. The church was built in the Middle Ages in a romantic style and has special significance on Bjäre because Saint Thora was the patron saint of mariners.

Until the middle of the 1800s, Torekov was purely a fishing community. The old captains’ farms, the pier and the fishing cabins in the harbour, the shed with name plates from vessels that have sunk off Torekov and the shipping museum with its three canons testifies to the town’s peaks as a shipping and fishing communities.*

Torekov Hotell offers personal service, high quality and unique surroundings where the focus is on the experience.

Their tasteful, intimate spa allows you to enjoy hot, healing water, a wonderful steam sauna, Japanese outdoor pools and an incredible relaxation area with panorama windows onto the sky, sea and earth.

The bistro serves up the best nutrition for body and soul. Savour a delicious breakfast buffet every morning and enjoy the evening menu with tastes from Bjäre.

Cosy poolside terrasse with great food and wine

Lounge that you don't wanna leave

Amazing nature reserve by the sea right outside your door

Spa with a view