Christmas – and all its special traditions – is a welcomed culmination of the year for most of us. Though Christmas is a beloved constant in an ever-changing world, the phases and life-changing events of our lives change the character of how we celebrate Christmas. The rituals of the holiday are passed on to new generations, taking on a new life as new hosts take over, adding new chapters to our holiday stories. This is the theme of Royal Copenhagen’s Annual Christmas Tables 2021.

For the 58th time, Royal Copenhagen opens its doors to the cherished annual exhibition of Christmas Tables at the Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store at Amagertorv 6 in the heart of Copenhagen. Since 1963, the exhibition has become a beloved part of Danish culture, attracting visitors of all ages, and in recent years, the exhibition has also been released digitally for a global audience to enjoy.

To the theme of ’New Traditions’, the Annual Christmas Tables 2021 center on the diversity of holiday traditions that play out in each family; repeated year after year, passed on from one generation to the next. And the new traditions that arise when young families create their own holiday moments, giving Christmas a new character and expression.

Royal Copenhagen has invited seven charismatic personalities to set this year’s five Christmas Tables, each sharing personal stories of their holidays and the traditions they have made their own. This year’s table artists are all storytellers within their own creative and professional field, representing outlooks from various generations that bring loving stories and inspiring perspectives to the holidays and its traditions.

This year’s table decorators, who will unfold their holiday stories in a world of porcelain, are:

  • Nanna Øland Fabricius (OH Land) (b. 1985) – Singer composer and TV personality
  • Cecilie Haugaard (b. 1990) – Influencer, model and TV personality 
  • Couple Nikolaj Stokholm (b. 1990) – Comedian and TV personality – and his wife Isabella Jøhnke Stokholm (b. 1993), Influencer and Graduate Student
  • Couple Christina Meyer Bengtsson (b. 1964) – Owner of Heartwork Design and creative multidisciplinary within interior and graphic design, and her husband Claus Meyer (b. 1963) – Gastronomic entrepreneur, co-owner of Meyers A/S, cookbook author and business owner
  • Lotte Freddie (b. 1935) – Journalist, author and lecturer and former model and Fashion Editor Børsen and Berlingske Tidende. Granted with the prestigious French order Légion d´honneur.

A Cherished Event

The presentation of Royal Copenhagen’s Annual Christmas Tables is a recurring event attracting attention from old and young since 1963. Through the years, the historic Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store in Copenhagen has welcomed a vast group of cultural personalities who have set their Christmas tables under varying themes. The beloved Christmas Tables frame the traditions of the holidays but always with a bit of edge and a sense of humor. The exhibition also inspires to create your own holiday decorations and table settings. This year, the exhibition officially opens 12th November and is open on the 2nd floor of the Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store at Amagertorv 6, 1160 Copenhagen K until 31st December 2021. The exhibition can also be experienced digitally at


The Story of Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen was founded in 1775 and is one of the oldest companies in the world. For more than two centuries, Royal Copenhagen has manufactured porcelain with the deepest respect for tradition and generations of fine craftsmanship. Royal Copenhagen is renown all over the world for its iconic blue painted porcelain and bold interpretation of the company’s rich design legacy.


“Christmas will be very special this year, because it’s our first Christmas with Noelle”, says Cecilie. Her daughter, Noelle, who was born in early 2021, is the new star in the holiday tale of Cecilie and her husband, Christopher. Noelle is also the first grandchild to join the family, making her a natural center for the holiday festivities. Besides the celebration of Noelle’s first holiday season, Cecilie and Christopher’s Christmas is centered on well-known traditions and most importantly, time well spent with family and loved ones.


”Out with traditions and in with festivities and cosiness”, says Nikolaj Stokholm, who insists that everyone put in an effort to create a wonderful party come Christmas time. The table should be beautifully set, the home should be decorated so it leaves nothing to be desired, and the guests are expected to contribute to the holiday spirit – preferably dressed for the occasion. Every year since they were married, Nikolaj and Isabella’s home has framed their family’s Christmas. Each bringing their own holiday rituals into the relationship, the couple felt the need to create their very own traditions; traditions that have now become a point of togetherness for their entire shared family. And the couple generously invite anyone who wishes to join into their beautiful holiday home.


The month of December encapsulates the smell of rich spices, the feeling of togetherness and the joy of shared moments with friends and family. At the heart of the home is the kitchen, opening its doors to round-the-clock cooking, time spent together and cozy chaos. “Our holiday traditions are rich and plenty and come from both mine and Claus’ family and childhood. We love the repetition of traditions and every year we take out the box of old Christmas ornaments – but we have also created new holiday rituals that our children have helped define with us.”, says Christina Meyer Bengtsson. Along with their four children, Christina and Claus embrace the many shared moments of the holiday season and at the Meyer home, Christmas is a season of hearts and cosiness.


”Traditions are very important because they bring people together, and you have a responsibility to carry on these traditions, creating a beautiful space for Christmas”, says Lotte Tegner Freddie, who is very fond of the holiday season. She remembers the grand Christmas festivities of her childhood at her grandparent’s home with great admiration. “My grandmother was a dancer at the Royal Danish Ballet and had a knack for the extravagant and wonderous, which was also telling of their home.

”Christmas is the ultimate symbol of coming home. It is the one day of the year, where you spend time with the people who are most important to you. It represents something cozy and magical but most of all, something safe”, says Nanna Øland Fabricius, known by her artistic name Oh Land. The Danish singer and composer has lived in New York and Stockholm for many years, and her daily life is ever-changing, adding an extra special dimension to the holiday season.