Skansen - Paradise on the Swedish "Riviera"

Below the beams of Hotel Skansen, history is literally in the walls. It was built as a seed warehouse in 1877, but was rebuilt in the 1920s making it a hotel and meeting place for prominent guests who wanted to bathe and play tennis.

Even before it was built, Båstad had created bathing history by building a “kallbadhus” for sea bathing, just where the hotel’s present Kallbadhus is located. Ludvig Nobel used the hotel as a tea house and a glamorous place to mingle with the rich and famous during his best years, and King Gustaf V was a regular visitor who also competed in the precursor to the Swedish Open – the Swedish Championships.

Hotel Skansen is now a high class resort for conference, weekend and á la carte guests who are looking for culinary experiences, spa sensations and the best of what life has to offer.

The hotel is on the sea front, next to Båstad marina on the idyllic Bjäre peninsula.

The beautiful main building has hotel and conference rooms and the elegant Restaurang Sand, with a piano bar, lounge and terrace. The Vinterträdgården, our atrium, is used to access hotel rooms, the spa and the exit to Kallbadhuset; next to Centre Court you can stay and hold conferences in the Tennis Pavilion. We also have a congress and expo hall with a functions room and terraces in a high location.

In the summer, the marina offers a lively whirl of entertainment; the restaurant’s sunny terrace has a great view of the crowds. In the autumn it is the roar of the waves that can be heard. Sit in the Japanese pool on Kallbadhuset’s terrace and listen, or simply look at the view from the spa’s relaxation area and the restaurant’s panorama windows.

Room with a view

Classy restaurant Sand on the waterfront

A nice outdoor bath in spectacular surroundings

A day at the Spa